Best Wireless speakers in different price categories 2019

Portable or mains-powered, bluetooth and wi-fi, happily affordable to really rather expensive, these are the best wireless speakers on the market 2019.

TOP 12: best portable speakers in Australia in 2018

Take your favorite music with you on nature or on a trip? Enjoy its pure and powerful sound? Easily! We get help from wireless speakers. Of course, you can simply turn on the music from the smartphone, but not every model provides the quality of sound that even the simplest wireless speaker can provide. However, in order to enjoy a really good sound, you need to scrupulously approach the choice. We hasten to simplify your life a little: we found the best portable speakers in different price categories - there is an option for a picky music lover, and for a simple user who wants for small money to get acceptable sound quality and do not go into a lot of nuances.

How to choose a portable speaker?

Let's start with the basic information . If you are an expert in the field of speaker systems, you can skip this section. We have prepared a short educational program for those who first encountered the choice of a portable speaker and do not know how to find a really high-quality model.

When choosing, pay attention to such parameters:

  • The power of the system directly affects the volume. The most compact speakers have a power of about 3-5 watts, more models - 15-20 watts or more. It is worthwhile to understand that the closer the volume to the maximum, the more there will be distortions in the sound;
  • number of bands. Each band of the column is responsible for the reproduction of certain frequencies and their combinations. The more bands, the more clear and natural will be the sound. The cheapest and most common option is single-side speakers , equipped with only one universal speaker. Two-way speakers have two speakers: high- and low-frequency. This is also a fairly common model. Less common are three-way speakers , which also include a mid-range speaker;
  • range of reproduced frequencies . Here everything is simple: the wider the range, the more believable will be the sound. The minimum frequency in portable acoustics is 20-500 Hz , the maximum frequency is 10000-50000 Hz ;
  • format of sound, or number of channels . There are mono-systems(1.0), they reproduce music in one channel. The bass in them is not particularly pronounced, the format is a thing of the past, but it is still used in inexpensive compact speakers, even from well-known manufacturers. Stereo systems (2.0) give a more spacious sound, differ in high power and loudness . Systems 2.1 differ from 2.0 by having a separate subwoofer , it gives a more saturated and dense sound. The power of the subwoofer ranges from 1 to 150 watts;
  • the signal-to-noise ratio is another indicator of how good the sound from the speaker will be. The higher the value of this indicator, the better. In most speakers, it is 45-100 dB. Many little-known manufacturers often indicate not quite correct values, but the data that large companies declare can be trusted;
  • wireless technology . The most widely used Bluetooth- speakers . They are easily interfaced with tablets and smartphones. It is advisable to take a column that works with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard : power consumption will be minimal, and this is very important for portable speakers on batteries. Data compression during the transfer via Bluetooth is carried out by the AptX codec, it allows to produce CD-quality sound. Some players support the AptX HD codec - sound quality, clarity and volumetric will be several times higher, but it is important that the smartphone or tablet also support the work with these codecs. To simplify the connection via Bluetooth, some speakers can use NFC technology: it is clear that the smartphone should also support it. Music can be transmitted and over Wi - Fi , the range of connection at the same time depends on the capacity of network routers. Separately it is worth noting the technology AirPlay , which is used in devices from Apple. It allows you to transfer to the speaker an excellent surround sound, which is achieved through the use of proprietary codecs that transmit music with almost no loss of quality. In expensive columns, several wireless options can be implemented;
  • other sources of music . The speaker can play music not only from a paired smartphone. Most models have a slot for memory cards , in more advanced - USB- connector for reading flash drives and external hard drives. Another option is to connect to the smartphone column in the AUX port , but the wireless device can not be named. Some speakers can be connected to computers and TVs, but they are rarely used for such purposes;
  • autonomy . Most portable speakers are powered by their own rechargeable batteries - AA-powered batteries go down in history. Manufacturers indicate the battery capacity and the duration of battery life. The latter is often not measured at maximum volume, keep this in mind. A good result for wireless speakers is 10-15 hours of battery life and more. The speakers are recharged via microUSB from the outlet, laptop or external battery;
  • Control is carried out by means of the interfaced smartphone or buttons on the column itself. In some models, for convenience, a screen is provided;
  • weight . Good acoustics can not weigh a little, but you do not want to take a heavy column with you to the nature, so choosing a portable speaker is always a compromise of compactness and sound quality. If you plan to take music with you on a run or bike tour, then pay attention to more miniature models. If quality comes first, then take a column weighing 500 g;
  • additional functions . These include radio , an equalizer for fine-tuning the sound, an alarm clock, a remote control, a backlight, as well as a speakerphone (this is a built-in microphone that allows loud calls to the entire company of friends). Some speakers get protection from moisture and dust - this is important if you take the device with you on an active holiday. Some speakers also work as a power bank , charging other gadgets. There are models equipped with wireless charging and even solar panels;
  • manufacturers. Among the most-most JBL, Sony, Beats, as well as Sven and Xiaomi.

You must also consider the purpose of use . For example, for noisy parties in nature, a simple single-band mono or stereo system is suitable: the purity of sound in full measure still can not be assessed. Pay attention to the protected and fairly self-contained speakers. For travelers there are compact models, the size of the palm. They receive special fasteners, often have protection from water, but the maximum volume level is very limited - however, when the column is located next to the other and is not required. For bicyclists there are columns with special fasteners. For home use, you can take both a compact and a fairly large model with a high sound quality, no less important is the design.

Perception of sound is an individual thing. It is better to allocate a couple of models for yourself and listen to their sound live, only so you can make the right choice. We offer you some of the best wireless speakers, which you should definitely pay attention to when choosing. 

The best portable speakers 2018

JBL Flip 4


  • stereo system;
  • power 16 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • the range of reproduced frequencies is 70-20000 Hz;
  • signal / noise 80 dB;
  • autonomy 12 hours;
  • weight 0.51 kg;
  • cost about $ 100.

By the ratio of price / quality is about the bottom of the best portable speakers at the moment. JBL Flip 4 replaced JBL Flip 3 , the real hit of sales. The manufacturer claims that he was able to make an even more perfect device and, learning the dry technical characteristics, you start to believe him. When you listen to the sound of the column live, there is no doubt that everything is done perfectly . The company says that the new model sounds 20% better than the previous one: it's not known exactly how they measured this percentage, but the sound is very, very good, and the basses are juicy.

Among other things, the model has a higher autonomy and increased level of protection IPX 7 - now the product is not afraid even of immersion in water. The speaker is interfaced with gadgets via Bluetooth, has a mini jack for wired connection and several buttons for control. Among the bonuses - built-in microphone and the ability to connect to one system of about a hundred columns thanks to JBL Connect +. The variety of colors is the widest. The disadvantages are difficult to find.



  • monosystem;
  • power 3 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • range of reproduced frequencies 180-20000 Hz;
  • signal / noise 80 dB;
  • autonomy 5 hours;
  • weight 0.13 kg;
  • cost about $ 30.

JBL is renowned for its portable acoustics, even when it comes to such budget options. This is one of the most compact and inexpensive wireless speakers on the market. It has a good range and signal-to-noise ratio, and the minimum dimensions allow to take the model with you anywhere. There is a strap holder.

The model comes in seven colors, it has very simple control. At the end there are buttons not only to adjust the volume, but also to answer the call - it's great that they did not forget about this opportunity and made a speaker for the conversation.

Music is played back when the smartphone or tablet is connected via Bluetooth, or through a 3.5 mm jack. The sound of this "kid" is surprisingly good : clean, loud, with basses. To pick on there is nothing, especially if you take into account the size and price of this acoustics.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker


  • stereo system;
  • power 6 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • range of reproduced frequencies 85-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 10 hours;
  • weight 0,27 kg;
  • cost about $ 40.

What kind of business today does without Xiaomi? The company performed well in the field of portable acoustics. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker - the most expensive column in the assortment of the company. It sounds amazing considering the price policy of competitors, but there is no trick. The column is almost entirely made of aluminum , looks stylish, presented in a mass of colors. The model is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, there is the possibility of reading audio files from the microSD memory card , there was also a 3.5 mm output. There is also a microphone for receiving calls, but its quality is not the highest. The control is implemented very conveniently, there is a light indicator that indicates the battery charge.

As for the sound, then everything is on the level. The company paid special attention to low and medium frequencies, in some melodies the column starts to vibrate, which, in principle, is only beneficial. With the upper frequencies everything is somewhat worse, but in general the sound for a compact model for $ 40 is more than acceptable. This is a great model for those who are not accustomed to listening to every note and meticulously evaluate everything to the smallest detail.

Sony SRS-XB20


  • stereo system;
  • power 25 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • range of reproducible frequencies 20-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 12 hours;
  • weight 0.59 kg;
  • cost about $ 100.

Powerful column with water protection according to IPX5 standard . The chip of the model is LED illumination along the contour of the device , which blinks and flashes when playing music. The sound quality is not bad, fastidious music lovers can find fault with the processing of low frequencies, but on average loudness all the melodies sound perfectly. Another feature of the column is NFC support , so it will be easier to pair it with a smartphone. Among other things, a built-in microphone and a mini jack.

If you want a better sound and the backlight is more effective, you can look towards XB30 and XB40 , but they are more expensive.

JBL Charge 3


  • stereo system;
  • power 20 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • the range of reproduced frequencies is 65-20000 Hz;
  • signal / noise 80 dB;
  • autonomy 20 hours;
  • Weight 0.8 kg;
  • price around $ 145.

A real beast! One of the best portable speakers of our time. Powerful, with enough autonomy and waterproof housing . Design and ergonomics of the manufacturer thought through to the smallest detail. There is a built-in microphone to answer the call, it is also possible to combine the column with others in one coherent system. The model has been protected against water by the IPX 7 standard , withstands a temporary immersion in the water, and rain and spray in general it does not care. Batteries for 6000 mAh enough for a record 20 hours of music playback - this is an amazing result for portable acoustics. At such rates it is not surprising that the column can charge other gadgets, speaking in the role of an external battery.Another nice opportunity is the presence of a speakerphone .

As for the main thing, the quality of sound, then everything is expected to be perfect: powerful speakers with a good range of reproducible frequencies, two passive radiators and a very very clean sound. There is nothing to complain about. Naturally, all this set of advantages is more expensive than compact "road" speakers.

Xiaomi Square box Cube


  • stereo system;
  • power 5 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • autonomy 10 hours;
  • weight 0,228 kg;
  • price around $ 22.

The manufacturer does not specify the range of reproducible frequencies and the signal-to-noise ratio, but those who heard the sound of this column say that it produces a really good sound. The volume is average, but this is unavoidable with such power and column sizes. At a high volume, it starts to wheeze a little, at average loudness the sound pleases, and this at such a price! The control button is only one, the battery for 1200 mAh keeps steadfast and allows listening to music up to 10 hours. The model received an NFC module , a passive subwoofer, but does not have a mini jack. In general, the ratio of price / quality is a very, very good proposal.

JBL Clip 2


  • monosystem;
  • power 3 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • the range of reproduced frequencies is 120-20000 Hz;
  • signal / noise 80 dB;
  • autonomy 8 hours;
  • weight 0.18 kg;
  • cost about $ 40.

Compact wireless speaker. The presence of a special mount allows you to easily connect the gadget to a backpack or bike. The model has a waterproof case , built-in microphone and a mini jack connector. The sound quality and autonomy, as for such a baby, at a height. Add here simplicity of management, quality assembly, nice design and really powerful sound, and we finally get a good portable column, which you can take with you wherever you go.

On sale still there is JBL Clip 2 Special Edition . The column features an original design, the rest is the same.

Marshall Kilburn


  • system 2.1;
  • power 10 W, power subwoofer 15 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • range of reproducible frequencies 62-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 20 hours;
  • weight 3 kg;
  • cost about $ 300.

This device is for those who can appreciate the purity of sound and prefers only the best quality acoustics, even in its portable performance. However, with such weight, you can take it with you except in the trunk of the car. It is suitable for home use. We will not enumerate a bunch of epithets - just say that the sound of this column gives an ideal , which is not difficult to understand even from the dry technical characteristics. The user can adjust low and high frequencies himself , and connect the music source via Bluetooth and mini jack. The design is also excellent.

Harman/Kardon Go + Play Mini


  • stereo system;
  • power 100 W, power subwoofer 15 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 2;
  • range of reproduced frequencies 50-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 8 hours;
  • weight 3.43 kg;
  • price around $ 240.

Another beast got into our review. It's expensive, heavy, but it sounds great. The volume of volume here is almost the highest in the class of portable speakers , and at the maximum the sound remains clean and high-quality. Design, management, assembly - all at altitude. Autonomy, however, disappointed, but with such characteristics it is difficult to expect another, but there is the possibility of power from the network.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini


  • monosystem;
  • power 2 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • autonomy 4 hours;
  • weight 0.06 kg;
  • cost about $ 15.

This is the cheapest and lightest wireless speaker , at least in our review. The manufacturer supplied it with a minimum set of necessary functions, put a ridiculous price and got success. The design of the speaker is good, it sounds fine at an average loudness: from the device for $ 15, you obviously do not expect decent results, but this model is pleasantly surprising. Small rales appear only at high volume, but in a room such a loud sound is unnecessary, and in nature - rattles are imperceptible. From the bonuses here only built-in microphone, connection with the music carrier is carried out only via Bluetooth.

Samsung Level Box Slim


  • stereo system;
  • power 20 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • autonomy 30 hours;
  • weight 0,24 kg;
  • cost about $ 70.

Samsung also released its version of the portable speaker. It is easy to operate, and compact dimensions allow you to take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, the model has received protection from moisture according to the IP X7 standard and a solid battery. The only thing we could not find the range of reproducible frequencies, so it remains to trust the opinion of users that it sounds good. Among the bonuses is the ability to charge from the column other gadgets. Minus - the lack of a wired connection, which at such a price, at least, offensively. In the rest everything is fine.



  • monosystem;
  • power 3 W;
  • number of lanes AC - 1;
  • the range of reproduced frequencies is 90-20000 Hz;
  • autonomy 6 hours;
  • weight 0.14 kg;
  • cost about $ 16.

One of the best portable speakers in its price segment, and certainly the most functional. This "kid" gives the maximum volume at 77 dB , has a built-in flashlight, radio , can play music from a memory card, there is an output to the headphones . The model even got a bicycle attachment. The sound quality, of course, is not the most ideal, but for portable acoustics - more than acceptable, and if you take into account the price - so generally excellent. Users complain about unavailable voice prompts and a small flashlight power.

When choosing a portable column, the expression "keep your ears open" is more important than ever. The recipe is simple: you listen in the store to the right products, include different power, and if you like something, take it, you want to save it - come home and order via the Internet.
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