Best Wireless speakers in different price categories 2019

Portable or mains-powered, bluetooth and wi-fi, happily affordable to really rather expensive, these are the best wireless speakers on the market 2019.

Sonos ZP90 Best Review 2018

The Sonos ZonePlayer 90, or Sonos ZP90 for short, is a compact; powerful; and convenient wireless music player that can be controlled with your apple products and Android devices. The Sonos ZP90 is great for anyone with a current audio or theatre system as the speaker can connect to your current systems and make them part of your wireless Sonos system. To purchase the Sonos ZonePlayer 90, click on the Amazon banner above.


  • Integrate the Sonos ZP90 with any of your audio devices or home theatre systems
  • Place the speaker anywhere in your home with its compact size
  • Play music instantly with simple installation and easy wireless connectivity
  • Listen to music throughout the entire room with excellent sound quality
  • Conveniently control the Sonos ZP90 with your iPod, iPad, or Android for free
  • Slightly more difficult to correctly sync non Sonos theatre systems
  • Requires a separate ZoneBridge to wirelessly connect to your router
  • The speaker is expensive but the quality makes it worth it


The Positives:

The Sonos ZP90 is an excellent sound system along with the Sonos ZP120 and the Sonos S5 as described in the Sonos S5 review .

The Zoneplayer 90 only weighs 1.5 pounds and its base is only about 5 inches by 5 inches allowing you to easily place it wherever you want.  Unlike the zp120 however, the sonos zp90  does not have a built in amplifier meaning it must be connected to an external amplifier for the highest sound quality.

One of the most relieving benefits customers have stated about the  ZonePlayer 90 as well as the other Sonos products is the super quick installation. Most customers rave about how easy this is to install without the need for a comprehensive technical background.

The Sonos software also comes with free automatic updates keeping you on top of the latest technology as soon as it’s released.

Being able to control your Sonos ZP90 with your apple or Android devices provides you with exceptional convenience as well as almost never losing your controller. This along with  wireless capability allows you to play music whenever and wherever you want at home. The best price available for the speaker can be  found from Amazon here.

The Negatives:

Nothing is perfect however, and the Sonos ZP90 does come with its flaws. From my extensive research I have found some customers were having difficultly syncing their  ZP90 with their current audio and theatre systems.

A ZoneBridge is also required to make the Sonos ZP90 completely wireless and the speaker itself  isn’t cheap to purchase, but the quality of the ZP90 truly makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

 Give yourself the convenience of playing your music in high quality throughout your entire house. If you would like to purchase the Sonos ZP90, check out the Amazon link below.


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