Best Wireless speakers in different price categories 2019

Portable or mains-powered, bluetooth and wi-fi, happily affordable to really rather expensive, these are the best wireless speakers on the market 2019.

Sonos ZP120 Best Review 2018

The Sonos ZonePlayer 120, or Sonos ZP120 for short, is a state-of-the-art wireless speaker that can connect to your home theatre or audio systems and make them a part of your Sonos system. The primary difference between the Sonos ZP90 is the Sonos ZP120 has a powerful amplifier, the rated output is 110W RMS, and sub woofer that really adds feel to your favorite music. To purchase the Sonos ZonePlayer 120, click on the Amazon banner above.

The Positives:
  • Extremely powerful with high quality sound, amplifier, and added subwoofer
  • Integrate the Sonos ZP120 with any of your audio devices or home theatre systems
  • Place the speaker anywhere in your home with its compact size
  • Play music instantly with simple installation and easy wireless connectivity
  • Conveniently control the 120 with your iPod, iPad, or Android for free
The Negatives:
  • Slightly more difficult to correctly sync non Sonos theatre systems
  • Requires a ZoneBridge for full wireless connectivity
  • Costly but easily the most powerful Sonos ZonePlayer


The Positives:

Through my research, customers continuously state the Sonos ZP120 sound quality is crystal clear and its subwoofer and amplifier really add to the feel of the music. This is ideal for people who love to play loud music but if that’s not your thing, you can simply lower the volume.

This ZonePlayer is also very compact. It only weighs only about 5.1 pounds and its base dimensions are about 7 inches by 8 inches giving you the opportunity to place it almost anywhere throughout your home.

Another positive aspect is the convenience of controlling Sonos ZP120. You can use your apple or Droid devices to wirelessly control your ZonePlayers allowing you to play and control your music throughout your house.

This is great for people like me who constantly lose the controllers to various electronic devices.

After extensively researching the Sonos ZP120, the Sonos ZP90, and the Sonos S5 to create my Sonos S5 Review; I found customers were thrilled about the ability to play their music almost instantly with the Sonos easy installation.

Customers without extensive technical backgrounds stated the speaker simply worked the way it was supposed to. The Sonos software also installs free automatic updates allowing you to always stay on top of the new and improved audio technology.



The Negatives:

The only minor problems that arise with the Sonos ZP120 are the need for a ZoneBridge for full wireless connectivity, the mild difficultly in connecting to non Sonos audio systems, and the cost.

The best available prices for the Sonos ZP120 can be found though Amazon here.

Although the speaker is costly it is easily the most powerful Sonos ZonePlayer making its value fully worth the price.

Like the 90, some customers have reported synching the 120 to current home audio or theatre systems to be slightly difficult. If you’re not as technically inclined, you can always contact Sonos customer support for assistance.



Overall, customers love how powerful the Zoneplayer 120 is and the ability to conveniently control and play your music anywhere in your house only makes it better. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you would like to purchase the Sonos ZP120, check out the Amazon link below.