Sonos ZP90 Best Review 2018

The Sonos ZonePlayer 90, or Sonos ZP90 for short, is a compact; powerful; and convenient wireless music player that can be controlled with your apple products and Android devices. The Sonos ZP90 is great for anyone with a current audio or theatre system as the speaker can connect to your current systems and make them part of your wireless Sonos system. To purchase the Sonos ZonePlayer 90, click on the Amazon banner above.


  • Integrate the Sonos ZP90 with any of your audio devices or home theatre systems
  • Place the speaker anywhere in your home with its compact size
  • Play music instantly with simple installation and easy wireless connectivity
  • Listen to music throughout the entire room with excellent sound quality
  • Conveniently control the Sonos ZP90 with your iPod, iPad, or Android for free
  • Slightly more difficult to correctly sync non Sonos theatre systems
  • Requires a separate ZoneBridge to wirelessly connect to your router
  • The speaker is expensive but the quality makes it worth it


The Positives:

The Sonos ZP90 is an excellent sound system along with the Sonos ZP120 and the Sonos S5 as described in the Sonos S5 review.

The Zoneplayer 90 only weighs 1.5 pounds and its base is only about 5 inches by 5 inches allowing you to easily place it wherever you want.  Unlike the zp120 however, the sonos zp90  does not have a built in amplifier meaning it must be connected to an external amplifier for the highest sound quality.

One of the most relieving benefits customers have stated about the  ZonePlayer 90 as well as the other Sonos products is the super quick installation. Most customers rave about how easy this is to install without the need for a comprehensive technical background.

The Sonos software also comes with free automatic updates keeping you on top of the latest technology as soon as it’s released.

Being able to control your Sonos ZP90 with your apple or Android devices provides you with exceptional convenience as well as almost never losing your controller. This along with  wireless capability allows you to play music whenever and wherever you want at home. The best price available for the speaker can be  found from Amazon here.

The Negatives:

Nothing is perfect however, and the Sonos ZP90 does come with its flaws. From my extensive research I have found some customers were having difficultly syncing their  ZP90 with their current audio and theatre systems.

A ZoneBridge is also required to make the Sonos ZP90 completely wireless and the speaker itself  isn’t cheap to purchase, but the quality of the ZP90 truly makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

 Give yourself the convenience of playing your music in high quality throughout your entire house. If you would like to purchase the Sonos ZP90, check out the Amazon link below.


Sonos S5 Review 2018

The Sonos Zoneplayer S5 is a revolutionary wireless multi-room music system with crystal clear sound quality; the convenience of internet connectivity; and the ability to sync your iPod, iPad, or Android devices. This Sonos S5 review and the other Sonos Reviews on this website will detail all the positive benefits of owning the Sonos music system as well as reveal some of the negative aspects. To purchase the Sonos S5, click on the Amazon banner above.


The Positives:

  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Place the speaker in any room with its wireless connectivity
  • Conveniently control your Sonos S5 with your iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Access your iTunes and thousands of free radio stations
  • Listen to music immediately with the Sonos S5 quick installation

The Negatives:

  • Not cheap, but the quality of the speakers makes it worth it
  • Requires a separate ZoneBridge to wirelessly connect to your router

Sonos S5 and iPadSonos Wireless Music System

The Positives:

The Sonos S5, officially renamed the “Sonos Play:5″ but I will call it the S5 in this review because that is the most widely known name, the  claims to exhibits excellent sound quality with its 5 speakers and integrated amplifier. From my research most customers and Sonos S5 reviews agree and state the Zoneplayer S5 plays crystal clear sound throughout any sized room.

Sonos S5 Review

This sound quality combined its wireless connectivity and relatively small size makes the Sonos S5 music player usable in any room in your house. (The speaker only weighs about 9 pounds making it a lot smaller and lighter then it appears in these pictures)

Next covered in this Sonos S5 review is the convenience with controlling the  S5. You can conveniently control it  with your iPhone, iPad, or Android. You can control the Sonos ZP90 and the Sonos ZP120 this way was well.

This is also great for anyone like me who constantly loses controllers to various electronics. No need to buy specialized controllers although you still can if you do not own any of the devices listed above.

A lot of speakers usually require long and complicated installations. Customers love how quick and easy it was to install the S5 and this Sonos S5 review will teach you how:

  • First, connect the speaker to an outlet using the power cord that’s provided.
  • Next, plug the speaker into your router with the Ethernet cable and install the Sonos software.
  • The Sonos software will recognize the speaker, you can now control your S5 throughout your house.

The last positive aspect covered in this Sonos S5 review is the instant access to your iTunes as well as thousands of free radio stations. You will never be bored with the seemingly endless supply of music from your fingertips. If you would like to purchase the Sonos S5, check it out on Amazon here


The Negatives:

The negative aspects covered in this Sonos S5 review include the price tag  and the need for a ZoneBridge to connect your Sonos products wirelessly to your router.

The Sonos S5 is not cheap with the lowest price being $379 at the Amazon banner above. However, the quality of the S5 definitely out-values the cost in the long run.

Also, the speaker cannot be connected to your router wirelessly without the use of a ZoneBridge. You can still easily connect the S5 to your router with the Ethernet cable and control it with your iPhone, but you need the ZoneBridge to connect the S5 to your router wirelessly.

Overall the S5 is an incredible wireless music player that provides easy installation and incredible convenience. I hope you enjoyed this Sonos S5 review. If you would like to purchase the Sonos S5, check out the Amazon link below.

Review of Sonos Home Audio System - Best Price 2018

Welcome all, to my legitimate in-depth Sonos Review. My name is Adrienne Brown and I am a die-hard music enthusiast. I have been obsessed with music ever since I was a little child, and things have never changed. This past year my husband and I have moved into a beautiful new four-bedroom home. The home has all of the amenities that we could possibly have wanted. It has a two-car garage, hot tub, walk-in closets, gourmet kitchen, central air, and many more great assets. However, what it didn’t have was a home audio system.

Being the music nut that I am, I have always dreamed that my home would have a stereo system throughout. That way, I can go about my daily activities without the hassle of headphones or dragging an MP3 player throughout my house. As a stay at home mom, and part time web developer, having a quality home stereo system is an absolute necessity for me. So this is why I began my journey researching all available home audio systems, and ended my search with a Sonos music system.
Upon beginning my quest for the ultimate home audio system, there were a few necessary criterions that I had in mind


  • Easy Setup
  • iTunes Compatibility
  • High Audio Quality
  • Uninterrupted Music Streaming
  • Fully Customizable
  • Compatible with iPhone

Sonos promised to deliver in all of these areas. However, I made sure to do my homework first. Sonos has been receiving several positive reviews from multiple media sources and user-based review sites. From my research on Amazon, Sonos received five stars from the 56 out of 67 reviews on Now that’s quite a few satisfied customers!

I can personally attest for the high quality and functionality of the Sonos home audio system. This system delivers, bottom line. I have yet to have a single issue with the four-speaker system that I have set up in my home, and it’s been about six months since I’ve purchased the Sonos music system. Sonos provides seamless integration of my favorite music throughout my entire home without any of the hassle that comes with other systems.


Benefits of a Sonos Music Player

  • Set up your ZonePlayers to stream music from Internet radio stations such as Pandora or Napster
  • Play every song on your PC or Mac
  • Use thousands of FREE Internet radio stations
  • Use different songs or radio stations for each individual room
  • Control your ZonePlayers from your iPhone, Sonos Controller, PC, or Mac
  • Use the ZonePlayer90 to stream music from audio equipment that you already own!
  • All music is played wirelessly, no hassle with wires or cords.
  • International radio coverage to get news, sports, and music from all over the world
  • Easy out-of-box setup!
  • Compatible with many different types of audio files
  • Favorite lists for songs or radio stations
  • Easy to move ZonePlayers to different rooms or locations
  • Can listen to the same song in multiple rooms, perfectly synchronized!

Sonos Products

Sonos ZonePlayer S5: The main benefit of this speaker is that you can plug it in anywhere! It has a 5-driver speaker system, which is powered by 5 digital amplifiers. It also includes 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers, and 1 subwoofer. These speakers come in your choice of black or white.


If you want to have music in another room, just add another S5 to it! You don’t have to add any additional wires. If you want to move music into another room in the house, simply unplug the speaker, pick it up with the built-in handle, and plug it in elsewhere. You can also connect the S5 directly to your iPod or CD player, and listen on all of the ZonePlayers throughout your house.

You have the benefit of controlling your ZonePlayers through your iPhone or iPod touch that turn into wonderful controllers with the Sonos App (Free at App Store). If you don’t have either of these devices, not to worry. Sonos gives you the ability to control your music system through your Mac or PC, and also offers the option of the Sonos Controller 200.

The S5 is wonderful for those of us that hate clutter in our homes. There are no wires needed to hook up these speakers, because all of the music streams to the speakers wirelessly! The setup for the S5 is incredibly easy, all that it requires is a simple plug into the wall. You do require a high-speed internet connection as well as a wireless router.

Sonos also provides free automatic software updates so that you will always keep up to date with the newest features and music services. This is wonderful for us busy moms out there! No worry about software updates! Just press a button, and it’s done.

ZonePlayer120 (ZP120): This product has a built in state-of-the-art digital amplifier to deliver high quality audio to any room. It also operates very silently, and you can optimize sound in each room by using the room specific treble, balance, and loundness controls. This is a perfect option if you already have a nice pair of speakers that you use, because you can just connect the ZP120 to your favorite pair of speakers, and soon you will be streaming music wirelessly!
sonos review
Setup for this ZonePlayer is easy, all you need to have is an internet connection to a wireless router in your home. The ZP120 also has a two-port Ethernet switch to bring standard Internet connectivity to your DVR, PC, game console, and more. My favorite thing about this product is that it has front-panel volume controls so when the music needs to be turned down and I don’t have my iPhone around, I can have quick access to volume and mute controls.

ZonePlayer90 (ZP90): This is a Sonos option that lets you play music all over your house with audio devices that you already own such as a stereo system or a home theater receiver. You connect the ZP90 to any amplified audio device in any room, and it becomes part of the wireless Sonos music system. The great thing about this device is that when I connect the ZonePlayer90 to my home theater receiver via analog outputs, I have full volume control without a remote just by turning the knob on my theater system! With using these and getting the SonosNet 2.0 wirless mesh network technology, I have no problem getting wireless signals throughout my entire house.

Sonos Controller 200 (CR200): This controller gives you wireless access to all of your music and rooms, just by touching it. It works wirelessly all over the house! It also comes with a charging cradle so that you don’t ever have to worry about the controller dying on you. The controller also has a long battery life. Everything found on this controller is designed to make choosing your rooms and playing your music fast and easy. It has mute, volume, and zones buttons as shortcuts, because those will be buttons you use the most. This controller responds instantly when you pick it up or touch the screen. This controller is great so that you don’t have to turn on your computer every time you want a change a song. Most of the time, I use my iPhone to change songs, but I bought a Sonos Controller 200 for my husband and the kids to use since they don’t have iPhones, and definetly aren’t very computer savvy. The Sonos Controller is great for them because it’s very simple to use! It may seem a little pricy for a controller, but for how great it works I’m surprised it is not priced higher.
sonos review

Sonos Controller App for iPhone: If you already have an iPhone or an iPod touch, this may be one of your best options. There is a FREE Sonos app for iPhone or iPod at the App store, which will turn your Apple device into a Sonos Controller that works throughout your home. It is so easy! All you have to do is pick the room you want, scroll to pick a song, and hit play. You can also now use your iPad as a Sonos controller.

Sonos Controller for PC or Macintosh: This software is included with your purchase of the Sonos music system; one CD comes with each speaker that you buy. You simply insert the CD-Rom into your computer, and upload the software. It lets you control all of your music and rooms straight fro your computer. You can have multiple computers that contain this software; therefore you can have multiple Sonos controllers for free!

ZoneBridge: This product is for homes that do not have Ethernet wiring or the wireless router is in a room where you do not want music to be playing. You can connect the ZoneBridge to your router to instantly activate SonosNet 2.0. This will allow you to have all of the speakers in your home work wirelessly. I did not yet state this, but in order for all of the ZonePlayers to work, at least ONE of them must be plugged directly to your wireless router, OR you can have this ZoneBridge connected to your wireless router to create the SonosNet. So, as you can see, if you don’t want music playing in the same room as your wireless router, you can purchase the ZoneBridge to create the Sonos wireless network, instead of having to hook up a speaker to your wireless network.

The ZoneBridge is also great because it expands the wireless range of your Sonos music system. We have a pool house out back, and our wireless signal can reach our ZonePlayers out there. The ZoneBridge is also extremely easy to set up because all you have to do is press a button. The ZoneBridge also contains a two-port Ethernet switch which can bring internet connectivity to your game consoles, DVR’s, and more.

Sonos Bundle 250: This is a great starter kit for the Sonos Multi-Room Music System. Included is two Sonos ZonePlayers, the ZP90 and ZP210, as well as the Zonos Controller 200. See above for product details about the ZP90 and ZP210. The ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge (which are sold separately) must be connected to the wireless router.

Sonos Speaker Bundle 250: This bundle includes everything included in the Sonos Bundle 250, however it also includes two Loudspeakers that attach to your ZonePlayer120.
sonos review

Sonos Audio File Compatibility and Internet Radio Station Compatibility

  • The Sonos music system is compatible with multiple online music services, including (but not limited to): Napster, iheartradio,, Pandora, Rhapsody, SIRIUS, and Wolfgang vault.
  • Can play music directly from your iPod or CD Player
  • You can store your music library (up to 65,000 songs) on up to 16 computers and Network Attached Storage devices on your home wireless network, and Sonos will wirelessly stream all of the music throughout your entire house.
  • Sonos is compatible with the following audio file formats: MP3, iTunes, Apple Lossless, AIFF (uncompressed), WMA (compressed), Ogg Vorbis, Flac (lossless), AAC (MPEG4), Audible (format 4), and WAV (uncompressed).
  • If you have music that you want to listen to that is on a CD player or friend’s iPod, and is not included in your personal music library, you can connect it to the back of the ZonePlayer through the analog line-in jack!
  • Sonos is compatible with download services that provide DRM-free tracks. It works with Amazon MP3,, eMusic, iheartradio (free service!), iTunes, (free service!),, Napster (has a free 30-day trial) Pandora (free service!), Rhapsody (offers a free 30-day trial), SIRIUS Internet Radio (offers free 30-day trial), WalMart, Wolfgang’s Vault (has free 30-day trial), and Zune Marketplace. Free internet radio includes (but is not limited to): NPR, KCRW, and BBC Radio.

Sonos Review Pros and Cons

  • Very easy setup
  • No hassle with cords and wires
  • Beautiful sound quality
  • Ability to play entire music library
  • iTunes compatible
  • Access to thousands of free Internet radio stations.
  • The ZP90 and ZP120 allow the use of audio equipment you already own to work with your Sonos music system.
  • Favorite lists for songs or radio stations
  • Easy to move ZonePlayers to different rooms or locations
  • Can listen to the same song in multiple rooms, perfectly synchronized!
  • With the Sonos Bundles, you have to buy a ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge separately to connect to your wireless router.
  • If you don’t have an iPod or iPhone, you have may have to buy a Sonos Controller 200 separately (also if you do not have a PC or Mac).

My Personal Favorite Features of the Sonos Audio System

My absolute favorite thing about the Sonos music system is the fact that I can use my iPhone as a controller. I am an iPhone fanatic, and bought the first iPhone when it came out in 2007. It is so nice to be able to use it not only as a phone, and iPod, but now to control my Sonos music system. The Sonos music system has absolutely beautiful sound quality, and I couldn’t have asked for more in a multi-room music system. I love my Sonos, and I think you will too!

Setting Up Your Sonos

As I have said multiple times, set-up of the Sonos music system is a sinch. I am not the savviest person when it comes to technology, which is why I am thankful that the Sonos set-up is so simple. All you have to have is your ZonePlayers, a wireless router, and a high-speed internet connection. Then, follow these simple steps:


  • First: Connect your ZoneBridge OR ZonePlayer to your wireless router.
  • Second: You can add more ZonePlayers wirelessly, to any room in the house.
  • Third: You are done, just control all of your music wirelessly either through the Sonos Controller 200, your iPhone or iPod touch, or your computer.


Sonos Customer Service

Sonos has wonderful customer service and support. At, you will find FAQ’s about the Sonos music system, forums to get tips from other Sonos owners, downloads to get the latest versions of Mac or PC desktop controller software, and documentation that includes manuals, setup guides, data sheets, and other important documents. You can also find information about shipping, returns, repairs, as well as learn more about their money back guarantee. They also have contact support so that you may connect with Sonos technical support experts. If that’s not enough, they also have a live support chat room to speak with their Technical Support Engineers.


Return Policy and Warranty Information

Sonos’ Return Policy: Products purchased directly from Sonos or from an authorized Sonos dealer may be returned under two different circumstances. First, if it is within 1 year of the date of the original shipment for a defect, or, second, within thirty days of the original shipment for any reason.

Warrranty Information: The Sonos limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in every Sonos product you purchase during the applicable warranty period, subject to certain exceptions. Sonos' warranty period is one year from the date we ship the applicable Sonos product to you, as determined by the date on the packing slip or invoice. The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace a warranted product. Sonos may change the availability of limited warranties, at our discretion, but any changes we make will not be applied retroactively. For more detailed information related to the limited warranty, please refer to the license agreement in the supporting documentation that came with your product.

Please note that they do not provide warranty coverage for:

  • Problems that result from external causes such as accident, abuse or misuse 
  • Usage that is not in accordance with Sonos' product instructions 
  • Products that are used outside of North America (i.e. U.S. and Canada)
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers 
  • Products which have had their housings opened or otherwise tampered with 
  • Problems caused by using third party accessories, parts, or components

Sonos does not warrant that its products will operate without interruption or will be error-free, or that all errors may be corrected. Sonos' sole liability, and your sole remedy, for breach of the limited warranty will be repair or replacement of the applicable product, or, if neither of the foregoing are resonably available, a refund of the amount you paid, less amounts attributal to your prior use.

Except as expressly set forth in the license agreement, Sonos makes no warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, with respect to its products. Sonos and its suppliers hereby specifically disclaim all other express, statutory and implied warranties and conditions, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement and the implied condition of satisfactory quality. Except as expressly stated in the license agreement, products are supplied on an "as is" basis without warranty. You assume all responsibilities for selection of a product to achieve your intended results, and for the installation and use of the product. Some jurisdictions do not allow a limitation on implied warranties, and so the foregoing disclaimer may not apply to you. In any event, any implied warranties that may exist under the laws of your jurisdiction are limited to the one (1) year period set forth in the limited warranty.


Overall, the Sonos Multi-Room Audio System is a truly amazing product. I am so glad that I found a music system that I can use to play different types of music in any room at any time. I used to have a speaker system that had wires everywhere and I hated the clutter around my house. Now that I have the Sonos system, I can stream music wirelessly to any room in my home. I love that I never have to listen to the same song twice because I can listen to every song in my iTunes library, as well as thousands of songs from Internet radio stations. I absolutely love my Sonos music system, and I am sure that you will, too!

Sonos ZP120 Best Review 2018

The Sonos ZonePlayer 120, or Sonos ZP120 for short, is a state-of-the-art wireless speaker that can connect to your home theatre or audio systems and make them a part of your Sonos system. The primary difference between the Sonos ZP90 is the Sonos ZP120 has a powerful amplifier, the rated output is 110W RMS, and sub woofer that really adds feel to your favorite music. To purchase the Sonos ZonePlayer 120, click on the Amazon banner above.

The Positives:
  • Extremely powerful with high quality sound, amplifier, and added subwoofer
  • Integrate the Sonos ZP120 with any of your audio devices or home theatre systems
  • Place the speaker anywhere in your home with its compact size
  • Play music instantly with simple installation and easy wireless connectivity
  • Conveniently control the 120 with your iPod, iPad, or Android for free
The Negatives:
  • Slightly more difficult to correctly sync non Sonos theatre systems
  • Requires a ZoneBridge for full wireless connectivity
  • Costly but easily the most powerful Sonos ZonePlayer


The Positives:

Through my research, customers continuously state the Sonos ZP120 sound quality is crystal clear and its subwoofer and amplifier really add to the feel of the music. This is ideal for people who love to play loud music but if that’s not your thing, you can simply lower the volume.

This ZonePlayer is also very compact. It only weighs only about 5.1 pounds and its base dimensions are about 7 inches by 8 inches giving you the opportunity to place it almost anywhere throughout your home.

Another positive aspect is the convenience of controlling Sonos ZP120. You can use your apple or Droid devices to wirelessly control your ZonePlayers allowing you to play and control your music throughout your house.

This is great for people like me who constantly lose the controllers to various electronic devices.

After extensively researching the Sonos ZP120, the Sonos ZP90, and the Sonos S5 to create my Sonos S5 Review; I found customers were thrilled about the ability to play their music almost instantly with the Sonos easy installation.

Customers without extensive technical backgrounds stated the speaker simply worked the way it was supposed to. The Sonos software also installs free automatic updates allowing you to always stay on top of the new and improved audio technology.



The Negatives:

The only minor problems that arise with the Sonos ZP120 are the need for a ZoneBridge for full wireless connectivity, the mild difficultly in connecting to non Sonos audio systems, and the cost.

The best available prices for the Sonos ZP120 can be found though Amazon here.

Although the speaker is costly it is easily the most powerful Sonos ZonePlayer making its value fully worth the price.

Like the 90, some customers have reported synching the 120 to current home audio or theatre systems to be slightly difficult. If you’re not as technically inclined, you can always contact Sonos customer support for assistance.



Overall, customers love how powerful the Zoneplayer 120 is and the ability to conveniently control and play your music anywhere in your house only makes it better. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you would like to purchase the Sonos ZP120, check out the Amazon link below.

Sonos Play 5 review 2018 wireless speaker

Sonos Play 5 Review :Have you ever craved for the best quality wireless speakers? Then you should definitely not miss the Sonos Play 5 Reviews.2016 This latest released wireless Bluetooth speakers by Sonos aims to deliver high quality sound vibes. Play: 5 speakers are powered by dedicated digital Class- D amplifiers which are powerful in terms of sound quality and efficiently play music. Today we will review the Sonos Play: 5 wireless speakers but before that let’s have a look at its key specifications.


Buy From 

Key specifications of Sonos Play 5 Review

  • Six dedicated Class- D digital amplifiers.
  • Three tweeters for crisp and high frequency response.
  • Three dedicated mid woofers to create the accurate bass sound and play instrumental vocals.
  • 3.5mm audio in-line connection with auto-detecting technology.
  • Delivering 5.1 Home Theater experience.
  • Supports all audio formats.
  • Works with multiple services like Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud.
  • Works with Windows XP or later and Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
  • Connects with Apple AirPlay music sources.
  • Supports playlists from Windows Media Player, iTunes, Win-amp and Rhapsody.
  • Works with home WiFi network.
  • Weight: 6.36 kg.


Features of Sonos Play 5

Sonos Play: 5 is designed with every detail that ensure pure music and transports the right expression that the music carries. You can feel the emotion with every song and the artistic voices and audio quality that comes from the original music. When you listen to a song that first thing that you yearn for is the deep emotion and feelings. And so Sonos ensures to deliver it with the Play: 5.

The six dedicated Class- D digital amplifiers deliver great sound quality in any room that can ensure voice clarity without any audio distortion. You can hear the music in detail and it works flawlessly in any environment. The Class- D amplifiers are light weight and powerfully works while in use and stand-by mode.

The tweeters create high frequency response to any music and deliver a crisp sound at any level. This keeps a right balance of music and gives an additional and enhanced touch to music. The mid-woofers reproduce the right frequencies for accurate playbacks and vocals and deliver a rich bass sound.

Sonos Play:5 delivers a surrounding music with 5.1 Home Theater sound quality. You can also try this by adding the speaker to a Playbar or Sub to get the right sound and experience it. The sounds are constructed in such a way that it keeps a right balance of all the techniques and there’s no absence of any of the qualities or efficiency. The bass and controls are fully adjustable with loudness control and you can alter the sound according to the room and environment.

No matter wherever you place the speaker, it will adjust to any environment very easily. The speaker can analyze the room furnishings and layouts and adjusts itself very conveniently with the area. This is why you will find the sound very flawless and can hardly detect any imperfection in it.

Sonos Play: 5 includes the major internet radio stations already per-loaded. The speaker contains more than 100,000 free radio stations and podcasts which you can tune in without using your computer. You can easily search and browse for stations and play them easily. Sonos Play: 5 also support the major music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Sound Cloud, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Rdio, Rhapsody and Tune in and support downloads which are legally allowed by the sites. You can get access to thousands of music without downloading, ripping and without using your computer. Sonos carry the ability to directly connect to specific services and stream music that you like.

Sonos Play: 5 supports all music formats so you can play them from any device including Windows and Mac systems, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Sonos wireless streams music from iTunes Music directly from your iOS device which also means that you can listen from any room of your house even after leaving your seat. Sonos also supports playing music from MP3 players, CD, TV, DVD and radio.

Sonos Play: 5 is a remote speaker which can be operated from any supported device from any place. The controllers are so smooth that you won’t find any hassle while operating it remotely and this is why it is considered as one of the best wireless speakers till date.

Play: 5 is flexible enough to locate on any place. It can be placed horizontally or vertically as you want and looks better in any position. Sonos Play: 5 comes in two colors- black and white and both the flavors look quite good. Play: 5 is bigger compared to the previous Sonos speakers but comparatively it delivers much better sound quality. The previous Sonos systems were led down in the market due to audio quality but the Play: 5 stands out in the tough competition among wireless speakers. With its smart sensors the speaker turns out to be more responsive to any control.

Sonos Play: 5 contain many advanced up gradations compared to its previous speaker models. The sound doesn’t get frazzled with the high volume levels like the previous models did. You try listening to different music genres in it and you won’t find any deterioration in its performance. Generally it stands out due to its richer bass effects that make the music more enjoyable.


Sonos Play 5 Review Conclusion

Overall, Sonos Play: 5 is a compact speaker which supports flexibility and easy installation and placement on any texture. It performs like the professional music systems and maintains the originality of the soundtracks. The controls are enough responsive and avoids interruption with any of its functionalities.

Talking about its price, the Sonos Play: 5 is set with a price tag of $499 which is worth the performance it delivers. Play: 5 is available to pre-order from and will start shipping from 25thNovember, 2015.

So if you are looking a wireless speaker which is worth the value for money then consider buying the Sonos Play: 5 which won’t let your expectations down.

Overview of the KEF LS50 wireless acoustic

Well-known in the audiophile circle, KEF decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a very popular way among producers, timed to release the new LS50 acoustics. It should be noted that with a fairly generic undertaking, the British developers managed to really surprise their fans. Looking ahead, the KEF LS50 shelf speaker system, made in mini form factor, can match the quality of the output audio scene with many outdoor Hi-Fi speakers. The manufacturer has very carefully approached the creation of a new speaker, which is noticeable both in a well-designed external design and in high acoustic characteristics.

Speaker system KEF LS50 High Gloss Piano White

When meeting with a new pair of columns, the first thing that catches the eye is miniature. Made in a compact package with a depth of 278 mm, the acoustics fit perfectly even in small apartments, without problems being placed on a shelf or racks. The weight of each speaker is 7.2 kg, which, with compact dimensions, guarantees excellent stability with maximum output power. Thick walls of MDF together with a high level of assembly ensure the reliability of acoustics and excellent anti-resonance properties, contributing to the formation of natural sound.

Speaker system KEF LS50 High Gloss Piano Black

The design and exterior design of the KEF LS50 model deserves special attention. Thanks to the first-class piano lacquer coating, the acoustics look stylish and modern, while a wide variety of color finishes allows you to choose the speakers for the interior of the room. On the front panel of the column with a memorable curved shape, sound emitters are compactly placed. On the top panel the logo of the brand flaunts, and the rear part of the case is equipped with a bass reflex port and a pair of quality gold-plated screw terminals.

The company-producer KEF used all the long-term experience in the new two-way acoustics. The sound scheme of the shelf speakers, capable of providing a maximum power of 100 watts per channel, is built on the basis of selected components and specially designed speakers. The 130 mm Uni-Q driver and mid-bass driver at the center of the radiator, thanks to the ring-shaped design, the 25 mm tweeter allows audio files to be played in the frequency range 47-45,000 Hz.

KEF LS50 Frosted Black Speaker System

The proprietary coaxial low-frequency Uni-Q loudspeaker with a rigid dome, large neodymium magnet and magnesium-aluminum diffuser is placed in a special damper chamber that suppresses the arising vibrations. Suspension of the MF / LF-emitter is flexible, which allows the system to form a dynamic scene with a well-detailed middle and deep bottoms. Responding to the upper frequency range, the emitter with an aluminum dome and a special ventilated structure is placed in the middle of the bass with the help of Tangerine technology.

Thanks to the coaxial design of the speakers, the manufacturer managed to balance the reproduced audio scene as much as possible. Nearby sound emitters form a dense stream that provides a truly unified sound palette. A crossover consisting of two boards with a separation frequency of 2200 Hz guarantees harmonious operation of the speakers with a minimum noise level. With a sensitivity of 85 dB and a maximum sound pressure of 106 dB, the shelf speakers recreate a natural scene with wide frequency boundaries and a rich palette of the output audio stream.

KEF LS50 Titanium Gray acoustic system

The company KEF professionally approached the development of not only speakers, but also a bass reflex. Due to the open acoustic design, the LS50's poles recreate surround sound with a deep and rich bass. The bass reflex tube made of special elastic material with a special design difference makes it possible to significantly reduce the level of transverse resonance in operation. Providing a qualitative reconstruction of the sound wave, the rear bass reflex perfectly complements the high-level output stage of the front radiators.

KEF LS50 Racing Red Speaker System

The music scene reproduced by the KEF LS50 shelf system as well as the sound arrangement of the speakers deserves all sorts of praise. With compact dimensions, the speakers are able to provide sound with a maximum output of 100 W and decent acoustic characteristics for professional scoring from 15 to 20 m2. A detailed audio pad with a wide frequency range picks up and delivers to the listener all the sounds of musical instruments. Specially designed dynamics guarantee the purity of the upper, the detail of the middle and the saturation of the lower classes in any genre direction.

The advanced design of cases with high anti-resonance properties and proprietary reproduction scheme make the KEF LS50 shelf audio system a universal option for a modern music lover.


The drive unit complement is the latest evolution of KEF’s trademark Uni-Q array. The Uni-Q may look like a single unit, but it’s really a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter in the centre of a 13cm magnesium/aluminium–coned mid/bass. The idea is to improve the way the speaker disperses sound and help integration.What looks like a grille in front of the tweeter is in fact a waveguide that improves its high-frequency performance. Even without that opinion-dividing colour – KEF calls it Rose Gold – this is one distinctive driver complement.

The engineers have worked hard on the cabinet. That curved front panel is made of DMC (Dough Moulding Compound: a polyester resin combined with glass fibre and calcium carbonate). DMC was chosen for its mass and inertness.The rest of the enclosure is made from MDF. It’s heavily braced and strongly damped to minimise any resonances.We don’t tend to go on too much about reflex ports. The elliptical one used to tune the bass on the LS50 is unusual, though. Put your fingers inside and you’ll feel that it’s flexible. This helps to reduce any unwanted midrange distortions.


Given a little space to breathe and mounted on a pair of solid stands these monitors sound terrific. The first thing that strikes us is the quality of the bass performance.For boxes that stand just 30cm high, these speakers deliver deep, agile and powerful lows from the likes of Massive Attack’s Flat of the Blade. But, unlike most small speakers that deliver big bass, the LS50s don’t over-egg things – everything sounds balanced.
Move up the frequency range and these KEFs continue to impress. Kate Bush’s vocals on 50 Words For Snow are as clear and articulate as you could wish for. These speakers communicate the energy and drive in a piece of music brilliantly.We’re impressed by the speaker’s seamless integration too, as we are by the way it sets up a huge stereo image populated by securely focused sounds.And, perhaps most importantly, these speakers are fun to listen to. It’s not something (we think) KEF has always managed with its products. Here it has.

• quality cases with a stylish and memorable design;
• emitters with selected materials and sound elements;
• Well-designed design of the phase inverter;
• High output power of sound with compact dimensions of AC;
• A rich sound stage with a volume stream and live musical instruments.

• There is no connection type Bi-wiring.

Amazing speakers dampened by bugs | Devialet Phantom Gold review:

The Devialet Phantom was met with wide praise in the audio community a few years ago for achieving something rare: a truly full-range, compact high-end speaker. The speaker is about the size of a Sonos Play:5 but can extend below 20hz on the bass while maintaining hi-fi sound. That it looked like a futuristic orb designed by space-faring creatures didn’t hurt.Two years later, Devialet is improving upon the original Phantom with an upgraded model dubbed the Phantom Elevate. It bumps up the wattage from 750 to 1,200, and max volume from 99 db to 101 db. Meanwhile the price was cut from $1,990 per individual speaker to $1,690.I say ‘new’ in quotes because the upgrade is partly a software one. Devialet used what it learned creating its most powerful speakers, the Phantom Golds, and figured out how to pull more power from the original Phantoms, although the update is only compatible with devices produced after November 2017.A few disclaimers: I had not heard the original Phantoms outside of listening rooms and it’s been a while since that. I’m testing a pair of the Phantom in my studio apartment, which is far from an ideal testing environment. And though I’ve listened to all sorts of hi-fi headphones, my experience with speakers in this price range is limited.All that being said, the Phantom sound wonderful. Against my Sonos Play:5 – excellent speakers in their own right – there’s no real competition: the Phantom sound better in pretty much every respect, unless you prefer more (muddier) bass. As one would hope, considering the price difference.


From the outside, very little has changed – the Gold Phantom shares the same enclosure as its Silver sibling, and for the second time in a year we find ourselves struggling to find comparisons for the Devialet’s striking looks.At 26cm tall and 25cm wide, it’s similarly proportioned to one of those clever Dyson vacuum cleaners, but at 11.4kg, not quite as easy to tow around the floor.On the shelf in the showroom (or on one of its elegant, additional-cost support options Tree, Treepod or, for wall-mounting, Gecko), only the 22-karat gold-plated covers on each side of the Gold Phantom set it apart from the Silver. Well, those and the extra £500 on the price ticket.


There are some changes beneath the skin, though. The Texas Instruments DAC of lesser Phantoms has been replaced by a proprietary converter embedded in Devialet’s Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology.Branded ADHV2, it combines Class A and Class D amplification in an effort to maximise each technology’s inherent benefits while minimising its equally inherent shortcomings.The Gold Phantom tweeter is a titanium dome, a theoretical upgrade on the aluminium alternative used lower down the range. And, of course, there’s that whopping increase in peak power.Despite the DAC changes, the Gold Phantom tops out at the same maximum audio file resolution of 24-bit/192kHz as its Silver relative.Bandwidth is increased in both directions, though, down to 14Hz at the bottom end (where sound becomes not so much audible as physical) and 27kHz at the top (where sound is of much more use to a dog than to you).
The Gold Phantom is designed as a wireless speaker, of course, and has both Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.But there is also a digital optical socket for legacy equipment, and an ethernet connection for those who value signal stability over decorative minimalism.And for the seriously monied, multiple Gold Phantoms can be configured to work as everything from a stereo pair to a surround-sound cinema package to as many as 24 discrete zones using the cost-option Dialog hub.Control of any or all of the Gold Phantoms in your particular set-up is via the Spark app for Android, iOS and Windows.

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At every turn, there are big numbers attached to the Gold Phantom experience.As well as those concerning price or power, there’s the 1.2 tons of pressure required to hermetically seal the Phantom cabinet and the 30kg of thrust force driving the lateral woofers (this configuration, whereby the hermetically sealed woofers function under tremendously high pressure, is – with no apparent sense of hyperbole by Devialet – called Heart Bass Implosion).For all its complicated architecture and crowd-pleasing numbers, the Gold Phantom functions as a wireless speaker in the most everyday sense: it’s simple to set up and equally painless to control.Its spherical, omnidirectional nature makes positioning it pretty straightforward (within the confines of its weight and size, of course), and getting the Devialet to a state of readiness is child’s play.


If you think the Gold Phantom looks a little mysterious as an object, it becomes downright dramatic when it starts to do its thing.We start our investigations with a Tidal-via-LG G5 smartphone-derived listen to Nice Up The Function by Mr Scruff and Roots Manuva and, blimey, the Devialet is a sonic and visual handful right from the off.Sonically, it’s the low-frequency speed, punch and manoeuvrability that’s initially most impressive.This is a tune with a deep, stop/start and fast-moving bassline, and the Gold Phantom handles it with a nonchalance that speaks of unarguable authority and control – the out-and-out substance of the bass it generates is more commonly associated with great big drivers and even bigger cabinets.It hits startlingly hard, offers tremendous tonal and textural variation even down at the limits of its extension, and displays ballet-slipper poise to go with the iron-glove impact.Visually, the Devialet is like no other device outside the Phantom range.
Accompanying the brick-cracking bass is a hectic flurry of movement from the side-firing woofers, the sort of alarmingly visual driver extension that in any other circumstances would have us leaping forwards to reduce the volume and prevent possibly terminal damage.But this is simply what the Gold Phantom does – it flaps its wings like a creature long since evolved beyond needing to fly, yet retaining a species memory of how it’s done.It’s a bit of visual theatre you simply don’t get with any other product. Elsewhere, it’s a similarly singular and confident story. Switching to a 24-bit/192kHz file of Leonard Cohen’s Slow shows off the Devialet’s midrange fidelity.The variable pitch of Cohen’s voice, who was 80 by the time of this recording, is reproduced with the sort of prodigious detail and fidelity that makes his approximate phrasing entirely endearing.
The midrange overall is assertive enough to hold its own despite the low-end onslaught it’s riding above, but deft enough to reveal the minutiae of a singer’s palate-noises between lines of song.It’s grippy and poised, striking a reasonable balance between attack and subtlety. The move to a titanium tweeter means the Gold Phantom has greater reach, better management of transients and an altogether crisper high-frequency presentation than that of its more affordable siblings.
The relentless ride cymbal and general percussive whirlwind of Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ charge through Nick Lowe’s (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding is delivered faithfully, the Devialet’s remarkable ability to reproduce treble sounds with instant attack and equally accurate decay just adding to the overall propulsion of its presentation.For all of its forcefulness, though, the GP has the ability to handle the gossamer fragility of Nina Simone’s I Got it Bad with sensitivity.Such a languidly intense recording is rather at odds with the Devialet’s general modus operandi, but it gives the song decent weight of emotion. The timing, and general sense of interplay between musicians, is admirable.
Ultimately, though, it’s happiest when delivering a well-controlled storm of action.The company’s website describes the Gold Phantom as capable of “ultra-dense sound with physical impact” which – while hard to argue against – isn’t, we don’t think, an entirely positive thing.For all the fidelity demonstrated throughout the frequency range, there’s a lack of separation and space to the sound that makes the Devialet sound dense in the manner of fog – everything happens at speed, with an assertion that sometimes borders on aggression, and the small-ish soundstage as a consequence is not so much muddled as crowded.There’s the sense that Devialet has overachieved with the Gold Phantom’s bass response, almost to the extent the rest of the frequency range has been supercharged to match.
The Good: The upgraded Phantom can stream high-res 24-bit/192-kHz files and it sounds brilliant at both low and high volumes. It really has two secret sauces. First, its Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) technology, which allows all four drivers to work in perfect unison, maximizing efficiency, minimizing distortion and enabling the speaker to achieve a ridiculously wide frequency range. And second, its new improved ADH2 technology, which allows the speaker to sound way louder than you’d expect from a speaker its size. There are numerous connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Apple Airplay and Spotify Connect. Watching the speaker work, especially with songs with heavy bass like Wiz Khalifa’s “On My Level” and “Jumpman” by Drake, is a visceral experience — it literally takes center stage, no matter what else is happening in the rest of the room.
Who It’s For: Audiophiles, or average joes, that want a statement-piece wireless speaker. It’s a speaker that’s designed to be listened to and looked at. And even though it can work with other Phantoms (you can use them in a multi-room, multi-speaker setup), it’s really designed to work by itself. Also, whoever is buying this shouldn’t really be worried about price.
What To Watch Out For: It has no volume or playback controls on the speaker, so it has to be controlled by your smartphone. It doesn’t have voice control. Like all Devialet Phantoms, the new Phantom isn’t a true omnidirectional speaker. Its two woofers evenly spread bass around the room, but because the tweeter and midrange are located at its head, it’s technically a mono-directional speaker. You can pair two (or more) Devialet Phantoms together in a stereo setup, but that gets expensive and requires Devialet’s own app. The look of the Phantom isn’t for everyone; while some in our office thought it looked cool and unique, others mistook it for a fancy vacuum used to dry wet carpets — and it’s very expensive.
Alternatives: Depending on how you look at it, there are either a lot or no alternatives to the Devialet Phantom. For a better multi-room experience, go for Sonos. For a better smart home experience, go for the Apple HomePod. The Naim Mu-so is probably its closest competitor as a standalone wireless speaker, which is almost as expensive and almost as unique-looking as the new Phantom.

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